About Typeqast

Typeqast is a Dutch creative technology company dedicated to building relevant digital products. From 2017 until today, we have expanded to more than 300 highly talented people (and growing). We are a remote-first company with colleagues not bound by location, but we have offices in Croatia, Serbia and Romania.

As a partner to international clients, we help businesses develop new and improve existing products as a response to growing opportunities and ever-evolving market needs. We're highly skilled in a range of technologies regarding software development, infrastructure and support. We bring uniqueness to projects, so our clients stand out from the crowd. No project is the same, we challenge ourselves to be different.

We are Typeqast. We are there for the special ones; those who disrupt, innovate, and believe that technology is the enabler to create a better tomorrow.

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Typeqast work principles

Clients are friends Our aim is to be the best software development partner, so client happiness and a transparent relationship with them is the paramount principle we go by and our key motivator to go the extra step.

No one is immune to criticism Open and honest feedback is encouraged at all times in an effort to create a better workplace for all of us at Typeqast.

Tolerance for failure, but not for incompetence We encourage experimenting and failing as a great opportunity for learning. However, we do not celebrate excuses for failure, such as low technical skills, bad work habits or sloppy thinking.

Collaboration, but individual accountability As a team, joint decisions and opinions are placed above personal ones. Nevertheless, for every decision made, an individual is responsible for making it happen.

Zero tolerance for assholes Any kind of asshole-like behaviour is not tolerated: verbal or physical abuse, demeaning, intimidating, humiliating, backstabbing or shaming of others.

Helping the colleague above everything If a colleague asks for help, mentorship or coaching, it is everyone's job to help and make the team grow. Everyone should be open to offer help to those who need it, as well as be open to receive help if needed.  

Radical honesty instead of sweeping under the rug Problems occur daily, but we accept them precisely as they are. We take them as a challenge and encourage transparent and effective communication so we can move forward and grow as individuals and as a team.

Remote-first but staying close Although we are working primarily remotely, we encourage our colleagues to stay in touch with each other. Through our communication channels and weekly office events, we catch up on what happens in our lives, not only business-wise.

Our offices

We have our technology and development centers located in Croatia (Split, Zagreb, Osijek and Rijeka), Serbia (Novi Sad) and Romania (Cluj-Napoca) where our dedicated teams are working on project development.

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